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RFID Guard Tour Probe GS-6000A
  • RFID Guard Tour Probe GS-6000A

  • Classification: Guard Tour System

  • Date: 2018-07-06

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1. Imported industrial grade devices ensure normal operation of long-term power.
2. Solid alloy casing has strong ability of anti-tempering.
3. Internal closed-wide flexible glue, waterproof, cushion.
4. USB2.0 high-speed communication design, communication speed is 100 times of the serial communications, data read 20,000 in 1 minute. No button, automatic card reader, convenient and practical.
5. Sound, LED lighting, vibration triple prompted reader.
6. The appearance of size is 130mm * Φ25mm, equivalent to the fist length of ordinary people.
7. Equipped with large capacity of 2000mA Li-ion battery, one time of electric charge, for readers up to more than 500,000times.
8.Card reader technology: Switzerland EM sensor reader technology.
9. 4M Flash memory: data storage recorded the largest number of 30,000.
10. Security: 30 years data retention after Power-down.
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