Introduction of handy door lock for easy installation

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Introduction of handy door lock for easy installation

Date:2018-06-22 Source:
At present, there are all kinds of locking door locks on the market, and the installation of these locks need special tools. Otherwise, it is difficult to complete the installation. It is difficult for the family to install it, and it is difficult to use it. In addition, the noise of the door lock on the door is large, the sound effect is not good, and the door frame is easily damaged, and it is easily grinded. Loss, short service life.
Therefore, a slanting tongue bearing rotary twist nut handle door lock is developed, which is mainly composed of an inner and outer panels, an internal and external handle, a lock tongue lock core integrated device and a lock tongue box. The locking tongue locking device includes the main lock tongue, the auxiliary lock tongue and the lock core, and the outer hand controls the expansion of the auxiliary lock tongue through the transmission shaft. The main feature of the lock is that:
The device consists of an axis hole, a positioning pile, a return spring, a handle positioning piece, a screw cap positioning piece, and a screw cap, in which the shaft hole is provided with a KAP, the back spring is set on the shaft hole, and the two ends are stuck on the shaft hole and the positioning pile, and the handle is positioned on the piece sleeve. The screw cap positioning sheet is stacked on the handle positioning piece and stuck on the pin of the shaft hole. The nut is swirled on the thread of the shaft hole and stuck and fixed by the turning part of the nut positioning piece.
The spiral twist nut of the oblique tongue bearing is characterized by the lock of the hand.
1, easy installation, no professional tools to complete the installation, installation is stable, will not fall off, free adjustment of tightness;
2, easy to use, when used, the noise is small, the door lock is more light and slippery, anti wear, silencing, no damage to the door frame, strong durability, greatly prolongs the life of the lock, and reduces the noise.
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