How reliable is the security of the intelligent door lock network?

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How reliable is the security of the intelligent door lock network?

Date:2018-06-22 Source:
Undeniable, the Internet has brought great convenience to life, but last year, after 315 exposure of the security risks of smart home, a panic tide has been caused in the society. For smart home products, the general public is still the most concerned about security.
When it comes to safety, the most sensitive smart home product is the smart lock.
But as long as the lock has a remote unlocking function, there is a security risk to be attacked by hacker, although there is no security risk in theory, but so far, no software is completely without loopholes.
Remote password sending is another solution for intelligent lock manufacturers to solve the problem of no key or key. But using the "online password" mechanism to send a password, it is essentially a security problem with "remote unlocking". Once the attacker controls the server, all the locks can be set to the most simple and consistent passwords, such as "123456", and are permanently effective, through an online mechanism with a lock. Real time synchronization so that all installed door locks can be opened with this general password.
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