What are the hardware advantages of an intelligent lock?

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What are the hardware advantages of an intelligent lock?

Date:2018-06-22 Source:http://www.locklocks.com
Intelligent lock is the most popular type of electronic lock products, it has very high security performance, or its advantages of hardware facilities is inseparable, do you know what advantages of the hardware of the hardware of the smart lock? See how the underneath is arranged for you! Smart lock hardware advantages:
1, installation convenient: the battery box, modular circuit board and other unique and exquisite design, let the engineer only need to open a small hole in the door when installing the door lock, it can complete the installation and fixing of the lock, speed up the construction speed, and thus reduce the installation cost.
2, suitable for use: low power motor components, energy saving and energy saving; low power consumption of PCB, less power consumption; precision construction, rapid induction; new positioning chip technology to prevent violent opening; Deluxe panel, beautiful and durable.
3, maintenance simple: modular circuit board, easy to install and disassemble, convenient maintenance, standby machinery spoon, foolproof, professional maintenance team, 24 hours special line service.
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