What is the feature of an intelligent lock

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What is the feature of an intelligent lock

Date:2018-06-22 Source:http://www.locklocks.com

What is the characteristic of intelligent lock? Intelligent lock is a lock which is different from traditional mechanical locks, which is more intelligent in user identification, security and management.
Intelligent lock is a lock which is more intelligent than traditional mechanical locks in terms of user identification, security and management. An executive part of a lock door in a door control system.
In the field of security technology, the electronic cipher lock with anti-theft alarm function instead of the traditional mechanical code lock overcomes the shortcoming of less password and poor safety performance of the mechanical lock, which makes the password lock greatly improved both in technology and in performance. Lock brand intelligent lock is different from traditional mechanical lock, it is a compound lock with safety, convenience and advanced technology. Intelligent lock features:

1. when the door is closed automatically, the system will automatically lock. Open its unique voice prompts, allowing users to operate easier and easier to understand.

2. creative now intelligent lock not only from the appearance design is suitable for people's taste, and even created apple like intelligent lock of intelligent feeling. The intelligent lock has been quietly listed.

3. security is more secure than fingerprint lock, which effectively prevents the leakage of registration password and opens the door lock.

4. security does not need to press the fingers in the scanning place. The way of scanning reduces fingerprints residue, greatly reduces the possibility of duplication of fingerprints, and is safe and exclusive.

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