How is the electronic lock plate used?

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How is the electronic lock plate used?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:
Electronically controlled lock plate, referred to as electric lock, commonly known as cathode lock. The electric lock is only a part of the lock plate installed on the door frame. It cannot perform the locking function by itself, or it can be said that it is not a complete electronic lock in its own sense. It must cooperate with the mechanical lock installed on the door leaf to complete the locking function. The working principle is that the electromagnetic force generated by the energization of the solenoid in the electric buckle drives the movement of the movable rod, drives the mechanical limit device, and prevents or releases the opening of the electric locking movable plate to form a locked and unlocked state.

Therefore, the electric lock has both a power-off type and a power-off lock type. The electric lock has a tensile force at the locked state of the movable lock plate, which is regarded as the lock force of the electric lock, and is generally used only for one-way use. Open door. In order to match the mechanical locks in different mounting positions, there are two kinds of electric locks: surface mount type and concealed type; in order to cooperate with different sizes of mechanical lock tongues, the size and depth dimension of the electric lock have different models.

The electric lock can be mounted on wooden door frames, hollow metal door frames or PVC door frames. When installing on a follower fan of a double door, over-line issues must be considered. The electric lock has an input voltage of 12~24VDC and an operating current of less than 1A. It can provide the required feedback signal to the access control system through the built-in latch status monitoring switch.
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