Magnetic lock glass door installation method introduction

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Magnetic lock glass door installation method introduction

Date:2018-06-23 Source:
Magnetic lock precautions:
Please read the installation instructions carefully before installation and pay attention to the following matters:
Do not drill holes in the iron plate or the lock body; do not replace the iron plate fixing screws; do not wipe the electromagnetic lock with a stimulant; do not modify the circuit.
The maintenance of magnetic door locks is relatively simple compared to other locks, as long as the surfaces of the iron plate and the lock body are kept free from impurities, so please wipe the surface with a non-abrasive cleaner periodically.
Magnetic lock glass door installation method:
1. Installation method of aluminum alloy (or other material) package frame glass door
 Glass door to do embedded installation can generally use EM1000 series magnetic door lock, this is my company's unique best suited to install on the glass door lock, whether your door is open or open, double open free Doors can be installed. The installation method is the same as the flush installation of ordinary doors.
★ Installation precautions
 Glass doors need to be equipped with aluminum alloy boxes, because the lock suction and distance requirements are less than 6 mm, so the distance from the door to the door frame is required to be less than 6 mm, and the floor spring must be of stable quality, otherwise it will affect the positioning of the lock.
2. How to install frameless glass doors

 The general lock is difficult to install on the glass door, even if some locks can be installed, but it will affect the appearance of the entire door, and our electromagnetic lock with unique master installation accessories, can be easily installed, and beautiful and reliable.

1. Use a U-bracket to mount the magnetic lock on the frameless glass door:
  Glass doors without frames require fittings to assist in installation. The installation method is basically the same as the surface mounting method of ordinary doors, but it is different when the third step is to install the iron plate. The installation method is shown in Figure 9. Put the U-shaped groove together with the rubber cushion and the stainless steel gasket (on the side of the lock screw) on the glass door, lock the glass door with the headless Hexagonal screw, and then fix the iron plate on the U-shaped groove. For different glass door thicknesses and different models of electromagnetic locks, we provide different types of mounting accessories: UBG brackets, specifications are shown in the following table:
2. Use the AB frame to install the first AB glass special glue (or double-sided tape) fixed on the glass door, and then the iron plate is fixed on the bracket.
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