Integrated Performance Features of Building Electronic Locks

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Integrated Performance Features of Building Electronic Locks

Date:2018-06-23 Source:
The biggest feature of building electronic control locks is the use of remote control to set up function management and management, without dismantling equipment, management is more convenient and efficient:
● With independent settings to modify the programming password, management, convenient and safe;
● The whole machine can be directly connected to a wireless remote controller to open the door remotely, and the number of extensions is unlimited;
● It can directly equip ≥100dB high-decibel alarm, and it has the function of forgetting to close the door and prompting the alarm and the sliding door alarm, which is more safe;
● The total number of 600 or 1200 users can be selected. It is suitable for installation and use in residential corridors, rental rooms, and other public places where there is a large flow of people. Management is convenient and safe;
● There is a good reading distance with the card reading head inside and outside, and the installation cost and equipment cost are simpler and more economical.
● Automatically reads the smart card's internal code to delete the card code, and can also read the sequential coded continuous input. The data input is more efficient and convenient.
● The password can reset the factory value but does not delete the card data. The data is saved more securely;
● Has a data copy function to avoid equipment damage and increase the cost of smart card data re-transmission. The project maintenance is simple and cost-effective.
● Compatible building intercom host can achieve independent control unlock, more compatible, can be more widely used;
● The whole machine has low noise, suitable for installation and use of small corridors;
● Wide operating voltage, more suitable for community intelligent building intercom system;
● The patented technology solves the problem that the door cannot bounce when the door bounces or pushes the door by hand. It is commonly called "Hercules" lock; the unlocking is more reliable, the working voltage and current are smaller, and the stability is higher;
● Compatible with most of the lock mounting holes on the market, making construction installation and replacement easier, effectively reducing construction and after-sales costs.

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