Why shouldn't electronic control locks be installed in the access control system?

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Why shouldn't electronic control locks be installed in the access control system?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:http://www.locklocks.com
The impact of the normal electric control lock and the electric lock (electric lock) operation, the impact current is relatively large, and even up to 3A, the peak of a multimeter is too late to measure out, if the power supply of the access control system does not work (usually standard The access control power supply is 12VDC, 3-5A) Such a power supply may not be able to withstand such a sudden high-current impact, forming a short power shortage of the controller, or the voltage may be unstable, and then form a CPU crash , (Micro-tillage products have maintenance mechanisms for CPU crashes, but the failure of power is not normal, and almost everything cannot be handled fundamentally.) There are also flash reads and writes that can form memory records and parameters. System failure. (Similar to the U disk in reading and writing data, hot plug, forming a U disk needs formatting).

This type of high-current shock does not necessarily damage the system every time. However, in tens of thousands of shocks, it is possible to surpass the system's maintenance circuit and plan circuit resistance.
The advantages of electronic locks and electric locks:
The advantages of electric locks are:
Applicable to the cell unit door, the interlocking access door of the bank depository, there is a type of power failure closed, the outside can be opened with the key, when the internal power outage, can open the door according to the mechanical button on the lock body.
The defects of electronically controlled locks are:
The noise is very loud, and the “locking” sound is heard, although an improved silence lock has been presented on the market. Large inrush currents have a large negative effect on the system. Although there are “motor locks” (the same shape) that control the inrush current on the market, the electronically controlled locks sold are still largely noisy and have large inrush currents.
The advantages of the electric lock:
There is a type of power cut off selection. When the power is turned off, unscrew the spherical mechanical lock from the inside may be opened with the key to meet the fire protection requirements. cheap price.
Electric lock defects:
Since the interior is composed only of electromagnetic coils, the inrush current is large. Installed on the side of the door, if it is not a new door frame, it is difficult to dark lines. Resistance to damage can be poor, kick it off. |L3D*
If you must pick these locks, probably pay attention to the following:
1, plus power law:
Add a high-power power supply to power the lock alone. The original power supply powers the manipulator and reader. Connect the two power supplies to GND.
2, super power supply method:
No need for original power supply. Buy a high-power switching power supply, 12VDC 12-15A.
This will enable the system to stabilize and reduce the impact on the system.
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