What is out-swing door?

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What is out-swing door?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:http://www.locklocks.com
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What is out-swing door?
『Out-swing door means a person pulls the door to get in from outside. 
Electric lock has to be installed inside without bracket
Please refer to the diagram below.
What is in-swing door?

n-swing door means a person pushes the door in from outside. 
Electric lock has to be installed inside with bracket (BR-200, BR-220) in order to prevent any attempt vandalize from outside.
 Note : 
Regardless the type of door used, the lock must be installed or mounted indoors.
Electric Bolt Lock physical installation
Mortise installation
Installation diagram
Installation of Electromagnetic Locks
Mortise installation
Mortise installation
Installation of the Armature for Electromagnetic Lock
Installation of the Push Button
Access Control Installation Diagram for Magnetic lock for double doors
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