How to identify the quality of hotel lock cylinder?

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How to identify the quality of hotel lock cylinder?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:
Cylinder quality identification:
1, the most important part of the motor, to see what brand it used.
2, is the wiring inside the lock body, there is no protection and fixation.
3, look inside the layout is not clear, how about work.
4, depends on whether it has a unique point, the real manufacturers are design capabilities, will not imitate the locks of other companies.
The quality of the lock core:
1, Look inside the accessories have not been worn, many factory accessories do not work, but lost and wasted, had to grind it will be used.
2, the number of accessories, the more accessories, the greater the problem may be.
3, motor quality, the heart of the lock out of the problem is the motor, and now better is the million to the.
4, switch, there are three switches in the lock, one is the lock switch, one is the anti-lock switch and one is the latch switch, a good switch is the price is several times worse. This may not be visible at once, but you can look inside the line, and the thick line will not use a bad switch.
5, look at the bracket in the lock heart, this is used for insulation, do a good majority is not used plastic, but with nylon, nylon color does not look good, no gloss, but can not aging for 10 years, and plastic Can only be used for about 3 years.
6, look at the lock core shell, the national standard is 2 mm thick Oh, now the market is mostly 1.2-1.5. 7 Look at the tongue. Obliquely protrude no less than 14 mm. Square tongue cannot be less than 25 mm.
The quality of the lock core:
The above is almost the same, there is a very important thing is that the lock must be full of copper, copper is now more expensive, really done this line knows that the best material for the lock is copper, because the copper Stability, weather changes, he will not be deformed, resulting in the mechanical key can not be locked, the mechanical key is used in an emergency situation, if you can not open the door that is unqualified.
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