What are the types of smart locks?

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What are the types of smart locks?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:http://www.locklocks.com
Speaking of locks, many people should be very careful, after all, this is directly related to the safety of the family, plus the thief is so hard to prevent, so more and more people began to favor smart locks, because the traditional lock is relatively easy to crack and open , And smart locks because of its technology components, safety performance will be better. And with the development of science and technology, the cost of smart door locks has begun to decline, and prices have also made it more acceptable to more and more people. Today Xiao Bian gave you talk about the classification of smart locks and what are the features of the latest smart locks.
Smart lock type:
1, fingerprint unlock
Fingerprints are difficult to duplicate and must be recognized by living organisms. If strangers want to enter your home through fingerprinting, there are some days when they are not. It's a pity that we can't be the protagonist of the story, so the bridge that steals fingerprints in the movie won't happen to you.
2, unlock the password
Unlocking the password supports the anti-peeping mode. The 12-digit keyboard automatically pops up 2~3 random numbers (random number + password) and then enters your password. The other is the hypocrisy mode. Enter a random number as long as the number is The password can be successfully unlocked by including the password (***+password+***). On the one hand to prevent passers-by to see the number you enter, on the other hand to prevent the keyboard fixed number of fingerprints.
3, mobile phones and cards
The mobile phone and the card play the role of a key, first of all to pair with the door lock, unless your phone or card is lost, otherwise you can not unlock.
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