Smart hotel lock installation and maintenance issues?

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Smart hotel lock installation and maintenance issues?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:
First, smart lock installation
1, For a hotel or decoration company, experienced woodwork masters should be employed to install the door locks, and holes should be drilled according to the opening drawings matching the hotel locks, and the sockets, lock plates and lock box holes must be drilled to inspect the locks. Configure the parts so that they are ready for installation.
2, Always check the hole drilled on the door and follow the instructions in the product. If, after installation, you find that the switch control is inflexible or impossible to switch, immediately check the hole in the lock box on the door post. Whether it is right or not, if it still cannot be solved, it should promptly consult the dealer or the enterprise technical service department and the after-sales department to solve the problem.
3, If there is no problem with the opening to determine the door lock installation, if you need to paint the door, then you need to remove the door lock, wait two or three days after the paint is dry to install the door lock, so you can avoid paint pollution on the lock , Prevents its appearance or paint from entering the lock body, guminess, affecting the operation of the mechanical control mechanism, while not yet dry paint gas has a corrosive effect on the door lock, accelerating the aging of the lock product surface and damage to the circuit board, reducing the use of the hotel lock life.
Second, the daily use of smart locks knowledge
1, The mechanical control parts of the lock must be kept running naturally. Lubricant must be used to ensure smooth movement and reduce mechanical friction. It is advisable to check it for half a year. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the lock screw is loose to determine the door lock. The firmness can also avoid damage to the door itself.
2, hotel locks or other electronic smart locks are usually used to complete the door to open and close the door, rarely use the key to the control of the lock, it is recommended to use the mechanical key for six months or a year to lock the door switch, if there is no plug Smooth, then it is best to brush toner or other lubricant that will not freeze on the mechanical sales for multiple plugs.
3,often check the lock body and the lock before the gap, the best gap is 1.5MM-2.5MM, if you find the lock tongue and lock friction or lock loose phenomenon, then check whether the lock is not strong.
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