How to set the hotel lock?

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How to set the hotel lock?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:

The first step: software
1, software authorization, the software license card on the reader, find the authorized place on the software, click on the authorization.
2, change the password Add operators and assign different permissions.
3,set the hotel layout, add the hotel building - large area - area - floor
4, Add room type, add room number (room number must correspond to the correct building - area - area and floor)
Step two: Send a setup card
1, Room setting card (one for each room, affixed with the corresponding room number)
2,time card (time card immediately brush immediately use, more than 1 hour must be re-made)

3, initialization card (some called clear card, used to clear the door lock authorization information)

The third step: setting the lock information
1,check whether the door lock is installed correctly, the battery is not installed.
2, set the door lock information, order: brush door lock authorization card - room settings card (brush the corresponding room number) time card, if all normal light, that is successful
3,test, brush the corresponding room guest card, can open the door on OK.

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