How to choose a good quality hotel lock?

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How to choose a good quality hotel lock?

Date:2018-06-23 Source:
The speed of development of locks is very fast. Today, all kinds of locks come out. There are hotel locks and electronic locks. Then, how to choose suitable and good quality locks becomes a problem in many disorderly markets. Many people Do not know how kind of lock is good, often spend a lot of money, but they can not get the quality, then, how to do it? do not be afraid. Today, Orbitian lock manufacturers will teach you how to pick a good quality hotel lock?
1, First of all, to see if the surface of the hotel lock is smooth and smooth, and the inferior door lock is usually rough surface, pitted, with obvious flaws, and the surface coating is easy to leg color.
2,then, carefully check the hotel lock packaging accessories are complete, feel comfortable, usually inferior door locks more than a small family workshop, a long time in all aspects will be a problem.
3,to see whether the product has passed the inspection of the relevant national quality inspection departments, usually the technical indicators of the inferior hotel lock can not meet the national standards.
4, The hotel lock is made of high-quality zinc alloy material, whether it is a handle or a panel. It has a high density and a density of 15% or more, and has no pinholes and durability.
5, The hotel locks are precision machined using international advanced automatic polishing technology. They are electroplated. The coating is medium, very uniform, bright in color and free from signs of air bubbles, rust and oxidation. The surface texture is delicate and delicate.
6, the hotel lock surface treatment with electroplating, spraying and coloring three, through these surface treatment products can form a protective film, anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, high-tech surface plating process, more than 48 hours corrosion resistance salt spray test, Make sure that the surface does not fade easily.
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