Classification of space aluminum lock lock and its advantages and disadvantages

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Classification of space aluminum lock lock and its advantages and disadvantages

Date:2018-06-22 Source:
Space aluminum lock is the door of a family, and has the function of safety insurance. Therefore, it is also known as an insurance lock or an anti-theft lock. The outer side is best not to reveal the screws, and its handles are only single to the auxiliary push and pull. It is generally applicable to outside doors of buildings, and to the outer doors or doors of each residence. Its varieties are single tongue lock, double tongue lock or multi lingual lock. The lock structure of outer space aluminum lock is generally divided into single lock and double lock.
A single lock door is opened with a key, and the door is opened with a handle (or knob). The utility model has the advantages of strong confidentiality outside the door, convenient operation inside the door, no need of keys, and is especially suitable for emergency situations such as fire prevention. But the only drawback is that the door can be opened anytime in the door, including thieves.
Double lock door, door open with key, its secrecy higher than single lock, the thief can not open the key without key, in addition, most also have the defense function, as long as there is no key to indent the lock tongue, the use of common tools, such as screwdriver, pliers, hammers can not unload the lock. But it is a pity that it is difficult to escape during emergency operation (such as fire alarm). There is no single lock, and it is easy to make mistakes.
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