How to choose the door lock and the door?

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How to choose the door lock and the door?

Date:2018-06-22 Source:
In front of us, we analyzed the lock and the ball lock which is better. We believe everyone has their own judgment. Today we mainly talk about the problem of the combination of the door lock and the door.
The choice of different door locks (including shape, material, color, size, etc.) and the effect on the door will be quite different, such as the more flexible with the darker door matching, the collocation of the gun, the gold or the copper color, and the elegance of the original tonal locks, such as stainless steel or space aluminum. The feeling of being clear and clear.
For those shallowly light white pine or beech wood, the door in the lock must choose stainless steel or space aluminum material and other original tonal locks, and a simple look of the best.
Some imported brand locks, each brand of each lock of the panel and the hand can be interchangeable, when you replace the lock when you replace the damaged part, no need to buy the lock. Generally, the large and rough lock handles are large in rotation angles. On the contrary, the Japanese and Japanese style domestic locks are rotated at a small angle.
The main type of the lock of the hand.
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