Which is good to hold the door lock and the ball lock?

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Which is good to hold the door lock and the ball lock?

Date:2018-06-22 Source:http://www.locklocks.com
With the continuous progress of technology, the style of lock is increasing, the style is elegant and beautiful, the grade and the content of science and technology are also increasing. The lock family also derives many different functions to meet the needs of people's life, and its market is extremely hot.
According to the shape, locks can be divided into two types: the hand door lock and the spherical door lock. There are two kinds of locks, which are usually made of space aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and copper, and the material of the ball lock is much more abundant, which can be made of wood, plastic, metal and artificial stone.
So, which is good to hold the door lock and the ball lock? The following is a simple comparison of Lei Yu lock.
The shape of the handle lock is various. Compared with the single appearance of the spherical lock, it can have more choices, and in appearance, the lock is more beautiful.
The advantages of spherical locks are material diversity, wood materials and artificial stone materials to give people a great sense of hand, which is generally used in single tongue structure. The handle door lock adopts the technology of making a more complicated double tongue structure, and the safety is guaranteed.
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